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Cryptocurrency Security Token Real Estate Investment

We invest in residential, commercial, hotels and resorts.

Coinlim币乐 2020年4月13日 将上线 Work Force Coin ( WFC3 ), 开放 WFC3/BTC & WFC3/ETH 交易对,邀您体验。 is listed on and trading WFC3/BTC & WFC3/ETH Markets .

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Work Force Coin III:
Trade WFC3/BTC and WFC3/ETH
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Sign-up and purchase Work Force Coins.
There are no minimum or maximum amounts, just what you can afforded to trade.
Invest in Work Force Coin Class B Membership Interest deliverable in the form of tokens ("Work Force Coin Tokens")
Example: Purchase 1,000 thousands WFC3 Coins @ .007573 USD = $7.573

Your Benefits:

  • Ownership Interest (Work Force Coin LLC)
  • Dividends
  • Voting Rights

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